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Mistakes are a part of human nature. Appreciate your mistakes as they are the ones that teach you precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. 

These mistakes are a sign that you are trying hard enough to bring out the urge of perfection inside you and becoming superior. 

However, the struggle with spelling out the words is real and something we all go through.  Messing up the spellings is one of the most common mistakes done by each and everyone of us at some point in life, whenever we come across an unfamiliar word we are likely to make a mistake in spelling it out even in our adult age.

While understanding all of these struggles, here are listed 5 simple methods to exercise spelling words that will definitely aid in improving your spelling words in the shortest possible way. 

  • Detect the definition of words

Learning with understanding is the best way to get the proper knowledge of anything. Same applies to words. Learning words with their appropriate definition is the method that works adequately in learning the spelling words.

Definitions aid in clearing the idea of any word and understanding their usage which is of great importance to influence the progress of the learner making him / her continue to proceed.

Detect the definitions of the spelling words in your spelling list using a dictionary. Then write the meaning of the respective word beside it for better understanding and clarity. 

This method is effective in learning the usage of spellings in daily life.

  • Rainbow tracing of words

Tracing is so familiar to all of us because we all have done this in our early age while learning and practicing how to write or draw. 

Tracing is referred to rewrite words or letters to practice the writing or to achieve proper hand grip on pencils or pans. It is not just restricted to early age practice, we can still use tracing technique to bring neatness in our as well to exercise spellings of words.

In rainbow tracing you will take three different coloured markers and trace your spelling word using those coloured markers, one trace from each. This coloured tracing will form a rainbow around the spelling word and the repetitions will help in the memorization of the spellings effectively.

  • Super neat words

Neatness indicates the discipline in the life of an individual. Neat writing is a skill and it enhances the looks and presentation of the written context. 

This method is all about writing your spelling words in the neatest possible way. Exercise the words from your spelling list on leaflet and practice to write your words in big neat letters. The efforts in creating neatness in writing will create focus and that focus will lead in remembering the spellings of the words.

  • Spell quiz ABCmouse

Spell quiz has been working to fulfil the learning needs of students, teachers and parents who want to learn English as their second language or to improve their vocabulary and other language skills across the world with their wide range of online activities and exercises.

Spell quiz with their constant advancement in services has now introduced ABCmouse Review, a service that will provide all important and basic activities and games for your children who are about to begin their academics to help them acquire the important knowledge and skills required by a kindergarten student.

  • Waterfall words

Waterfall words are not any special sort or category of the words but a method to exercise spelling of the words. 

Here we will be writing off a word in a pattern that will appear like a waterfall. Starting by a single letter of the word from the spelling list and then proceeding to the next line and adding another letter to the previous one and again switching the lines and repeating the process till you get the whole spelling written down in the last line.

This is so far the best way to improve spellings of the word because the length of the word will decide the number of repetitions, the longer the word the more you have to repeat it which will help in memorziing the word without actually having to memorize it.

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