Alcohol poisoning


There is no ending to learning as there are too many to learn and know. While we cannot learn everything, we can try to learn a few new things that can save our lives. If you belong to a group that drinks alcohol, you need to know about alcohol poisoning. Binge drinking can often lead to this mishap where the ethanol present in alcohol poisons a person. Knowing the symptoms can save a life as you would be able to take a few steps to sustain them for the time being till the emergency services arrive. If you find someone or yourself to have become an addict, it is better to face withdrawal symptoms than alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol poisoning

Human body takes time to process alcohol. During binge drinking, people drink way more portions than the body could process. In most cases, the stomach usually has alcohol to process when poisoning has already taken place. The more alcohol the body processes, the more poison the body gets. It is better to call the emergency services for alcohol poisoning as situation can worsen due to the alcohol in the stomach.


It will start with severe confusion and will run to unconsciousness from which the person won’t wake up even after regular attempts. Body temperature starts to drop and breathing becomes shallow. Cyclical pause in breathing can be noticed as well. Heart rate increases while blood pressure drops. If you see a drunk person vomiting continuously along with blue lips, it is time to act fast.

What to do?

As their gag reflex does not work, they are likely to choke on their own vomit. Try to keep them awake and upright. Making something swallow is never a good option in such situation. Keep them warm as body temperature starts to drop. Let them stay in one place and do not try to make them walk or move around. Do not let them stay alone as there is even possibility of dying. Always keep an eye on them until professional help arrives at the place.

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