Best Soju Mixes You Can Prepare From the Comfort of Your Home


Staying home doesn’t mean the happy hour has to be forgotten! Rewarding yourself with a cocktail at home after a hard day at work. With ingredients available in your local stores, these soju drink mixes can be very conveniently made at home.

Yogurt Soju (Soju +Yakult + Chilsung Cider)

Yakult is regarded primarily as a drink for youth, but Korea has put its twist on it. This drink, called Yogurt Soju, combines Yakult, Soju and Chilsung Cider (Sprite’s Korean version) into an easy-to-drink cocktail.


50 percent cider from Chilsung

Yakult at 25 percent

Soju 25 percent

Cojinganmek (Cola + Soju + Beer)

You may have heard of somaek (Soju + beer), but don’t miss an upgrade here. Meet cojinganmak, your new go-to combination! There are two separate shots of Soju and coke stacked inside a cup of beer in this concoction. The cocktail begins with the flavour of beer and Soju and finishes with coke’s soothing sweetness. Be careful-the coke’s sugar disguises how strong this drink is!


10 percent Coke Shot

Shoot of Soju 10 percent

A 90% Cup of Beer

Ujjujju Melony (Melona + Soju + Chilsung Cider)

You need to combine just three ingredients for a creamy kick. In Korea, Melona is a popular ice cream that can be found in many convenient shops. Pour a cup of Soju and cider on your own, and whisk in a Melona bar before it dissolves. Melona keeps the Soju cool and makes it into a hard milkshake for your beer. Melona is sold in 4 different flavours: pineapple, honeydew, strawberry and mango. Choose your flavour and begin to stir!


1 Melona Bar

60 percent Soju

40 percent cider from Chilsung

Energizer (Soju + Gatorade + Hot 6)

Hop by your alcohol wholesale store in Singapore and stir up an Energizer if you need a little perk-me-up during your nightlife escapade. This soju, Gatorade, and Hot 6 (Korea’s Red Bull) combination is sure to give you the lift to stay up all night long!


 20% Soju

 40 percent Gatorade

 40 percent Hot 6

Korean Screwdriver (Orange Juice + Soju)

Adapted from the usual Screwdriver (orange juice + vodka), by swapping the vodka with Soju, Koreans have put their twist on it. Because of this turn, you would be surprised by how much the flavour improves!


80% of Orange Juice

Soju 20 percent

Subak Soju (Watermelon Soju)

For parties, this drink is perfect! Subak Soju is made by combining Soju with watermelon and then using the remaining watermelon shell as a drinking cup. Although it will take a little more time to make, it is sure to impress your friends with this mix.


1 Watermelon

1 Flask of Soju

1 Goblet of Ice

White Grape Beer (Beer + Bong Bong)

Embrace the newest fad in Korea – Korean beer and Bong Bong white grape juice! The sweet white grape pulps add a refreshing texture, making your beer even more pleasant to drink. You’ll get addicted to this mix!


50% Bong Bong White Grape Juice

50% of Korean Beer

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