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Creative corporate gift ideas can show how much you care about your employees or clients, and they can aid in the formation of bonds during times of social separation. According to a Coresight Research poll, 66% of organizations that give more presents do so to keep staff motivated during difficult times.

It’s obvious that gifts are a fantastic way to express gratitude, but if you want your gifts to make a lasting impression, think beyond the box. This guide will describe what makes a great custom corporate gift and provide a collection of unusual corporate gift ideas to consider this holiday season.

What are some unique corporate gift suggestions?

Virtual Reality

Rather than holding a standard in-person event, consider making it virtual. Escape rooms, scavenger hunts, digital tours, and online concerts are all excellent virtual team gifts. These employee team-building activities create engaging virtual gift experiences while keeping everyone safe in light of COVID-19.

Personalized Office Supplies

Workplace desk items are beneficial gifts, and personalizing them can considerably improve their value. For example, you can have someone’s name engraved on pens or notebooks that they can use daily at work. Likewise, giving your staff or clients personalized stationery will keep you at the forefront of their minds whenever they use the presents.

Stand for Wireless Charging

A wireless charging stand is another unusual office desk feature. They allow users to charge their phones at work while taking up little table space, making them an ideal corporate gift for anyone. For remote employees, desk clutter might be much more of an issue, so that this tiny improvement could be incredibly beneficial.

Subscription to Coffee

A coffee subscription can meet their caffeine cravings if you’re looking for a corporate gift for coffee addicts. You can keep the order options basic or send a corporate coffee gift box. Virtual coffee isn’t going away anytime soon, so take advantage of the trend and encourage your staff to have a few free cups of coffee.

Wellness Plan

Another wonderful workplace gift idea for boosting health and positivity is to put together a wellness hamper. Scented candles, comfortable blankets, bath bombs, or tea bags are all possible additions. Go above and beyond to demonstrate that you care about people’s mental and physical health, and you’ll create a lasting impression that will lead to solid business partnerships.

The Movie Night Box

Going to the movies isn’t as safe as it once was, so why not bring the excitement of the theatre to the comfort of someone’s own home? You can buy and give a movie night box to anyone you want to treat with an original corporate gift idea. These boxes should contain a few DVDs and a variety of common snacks, providing a delightful alternative to the engaging movie theatre experience.

Donation to Charity

Acts of kindness or volunteerism might motivate certain people. So, if you don’t know what to get an employee or client, you can always show your appreciation by making a charitable donation to a cause close to their heart. First, ask them if a particular reason or foundation is essential to them, and then donate in their honour.

Digital Gift Card In cases where you are unsure what to send someone, you can always get a digital gift card to give them a say. Consider each person’s interests and use your ingenuity to the fullest. Hoppier virtual cards are a perfect example because you can personalize them in any way you like as a natural method to express gratitude and rejoice together.

A letter was written by hand.

Handwritten letters may be a lost art in today’s digital age, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of fashion. On the contrary, personalized notes are low-cost but profound gestures, making them an ideal companion to another business gift idea. Employee appreciation is more important than ever in the workplace, and expressing gratitude through handwritten letters is a real way to do so.

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