The pandemic has brought everything to a standstill. With the wrath of Covid -19 hitting every sector of the society, the economy and education were among the worst affected. But do you think this generation can be stopped with a fatal blow?

Technology as a Saviour

Of course not! The tenets of technology retained economy and education. With video conferencing and webinars, some important things could be put together.

Earlier, nobody thought that work could be done if we were physically absent in the workplace. But, technology turned it the other way round. Every other company prefers that employees do their job from home.

In the same way, the life of the students was in chaos. But, now, everything seems to have fallen in place. With video conferencing applications like Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco Webex, students and teachers can connect.

Students don’t just get the vibe of classrooms but also seminar halls. The teachers make sure that the students do not miss any opportunity because of the ongoing pandemic.

Online E-Learning

Online e-learning is the process of learning where education is communicated through digital resources. Students can utilise online e-learning if they have computers or tablets. It is also possible on a cell phone with an internet connection and a camera.

Advantages of Online E-learning

  • It is an efficient way to learn courses online.
  • You can learn actively and independently.
  • You can access the resources from any corner of the world.
  • It is convenient for students to have part-time jobs.

Disadvantages of Online E-learning

  • Most of the online assessments are objective.
  • A lot of distractions come in the way.
  • It can get boring and monotonous.

Let me help you with five simple steps that will help you make your schedule versatile with e-learning.


This is one of the key factors for e-learning. It would help if you motivated yourself to be better with the new form of learning. With the toll of the pandemic increasing day by day, students hardly feel to do anything.

But the world and education will not wait for us. We have to match their pace.

Let me try and motivate you with something too. Students can now pay for assignment services and get their work done!


It is of utmost importance. With the online e-learning being in your desktops or laptops’ background, distraction is a common complaint.

If you want to make your schedule versatile with online e-learning, you will have to concentrate the amount of time you devote towards that! Concentration is a definite key to better learning.


If you want to make your schedule versatile, you will have to maintain discipline towards your studies. Procrastination is the easiest thing to do nowadays. But if the student is regular and disciplined, it will help them better with e-learning.

Take Breaks

Please take breaks! Learning without a break is monotonous and boring. Make sure you give rest to your eyes. Taking a break and distraction are two different things. While taking a break, don’t get distracted. It is this way you can adapt your schedule to online learning.


Be sincere. You are your teacher in your personal space. Your class professor can only guide you from the other side. If you are not sincere with your learning, it will be a complete loss for you.

When you are at home, a lot of obstacles come your way! You are indeed in your comfort zone, but that can turn into a nightmare if things are not properly balanced. With these five simple steps, you can easily make your schedule versatile with e-learning.

Get! Set! Go!! It s time to show the world that a pandemic can’t come in your way of learning and achieving

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