Top Guide To Desert Safari Tours 2021


Dubai is the huge city of UAE. You can call it the land of contrasts. The city has the Bedouin legacy that you can see from its ancient artforms. Skyscrapers of the city are sprawling and attract tourists.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city. It has massive shopping malls that are contemporary. There are many attractions for the visitors in Dubai that’s why the number of tourists has increased in Dubai.

Dubai desert safari is alluring and interesting among all other activities in Dubai. Nothing can be more thrilling than a ride full of adventure in the desert on a 4×4 vehicle. 

You can enjoy a lot of interesting activities in the desert such as fat bike riding, sandboarding, dune bashing, and quad biking. These all are well-known highlights of the desert safari of Dubai. Visitors also enjoy traditional activities like camel riding and henna painting.

We will tell you about the best desert safaris of Dubai in this guide. You will find the activities of your interest whether it’s about the thrilling rides or sports activities.

Desert Safaris Types In Dubai

You have various options to select from morning and evening desert safaris to alluring combo desert safaris. 

If your evening is busy with shopping dates and you want to enjoy the fabulous nightlife of Dubai while doing amazing activities in the city then choose morning desert safari.

And if you cannot wake up early in the morning then you can choose the evening desert safari. Various overnight choices are also available for you. 

The travelers who are conscious about their budget can select combo tours. These tours offer you other activities and attractions with desert safari Dubai.

Dubai Morning Desert Safaris

If you select the morning desert safari then it has many benefits for you. The first advantage is that you don’t face any crowd in the morning and you can explore the empty desert with peace. Enjoy the serenity of the desert in the best way in solitude.

More people will come to visit the desert as the day progresses. The weather in the morning will be pleasant. It is a perfect time to do many activities and adventures. You will finish all your activities before the day gets too hot.

Visitors can do various activities like quad biking, sandboarding, and camel riding. Even some amazing activities like air ballooning can be enjoyed in the morning desert safaris.

A scrumptious breakfast is waiting for you in the morning desert safari that includes Rgaag with the egg, Chbaab, and the Balaleet. After visiting the morning desert safari, you will have a lot of time to visit other attractions in Dubai in the daytime.

Dubai Evening Desert Safaris

If you are searching for a quintessential experience of the desert then choose an evening desert safari to visit. The activities start in the late afternoon in these desert safaris. It gives you a chance to enjoy the pleasant weather of the desert.

Visitors relax in the entire evening and participate in many adventurous activities such as quad biking and sandboarding. Evening desert safari opens with a session of dune bashing which gives enthusiasts an exhilarating experience.

Click wonderful photos to post on Instagram. The sand dunes and desert looks alluring at the time of evening. The evening safari offers you much more to do. If you love the traditional activities then go to Bedouin Camp that gives you the chance to take a camel ride and enjoy henna painting.

In the evening time, you can enjoy the amazing performances of professional belly dancers. Do not forget to enjoy the exquisite dinner with continental land local cuisine. 

You can take the Arabic coffee that is tasty and unique. Do not miss the popular Middle Eastern meat that is grilled well.

Dubai Desert Safari Combos

You should go for a combo tour if you want a comprehensive tour of the city of luxuries. Headout provides you several combo tours including the Dubai desert safari and several other attractions. People who have a short time can enjoy a lot in the land of skyscrapers.

Do not miss the attractions that are must-see. Combo tours also help you to manage your budget. The combo tours cover transportation so it saves your expenses on transportation too. These tours are the perfect choice for people who have to visit Dubai for the first time.

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