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 Trails Carolina is one of the top wilderness therapy programs in the United States. Since its founding in 2008, the North Carolina-based wilderness therapy program has had success in helping boys and girls aged 10 to 17. 

Despite the success, some families still have uncertainty when deciding whether or not wilderness therapy is the right fit. Certain types of behavior are best treated with wilderness therapy. 

Specializing in helping students get through rough patches or problems that might lead to more significant issues is always a focus. Families might not know exactly if their child can benefit from wilderness therapy at first. 

The good news is that there are ways to research before making a decision. A few common challenges below give families an idea of how to maximize time on campus.

ADHD, ODD, RAD, Bipolar Disorder, Etc.

Supporting mental health issues can be an extremely tall task for a teen to go through alone. Learning to cope with hardships with good habits is what the team at Trails Carolina strives to teach their students.

School-Related Issues

Students in the past have enrolled in the wilderness therapy program at Trails Carolina after struggling with school-related issues. For some, they flat out refused to go to school. They would skip class, have delinquency issues, and much more. 

Once students are enrolled and on campus, they have individualized care to ensure they are learning at their pace and receiving any help they need to feel confident in their abilities. Once students arrive, they can quickly find out the care the Trails Carolina staff provides to each student. 

Another school-related issue comes down to intelligent children failing at school for one reason or another. Maybe they lack motivation, aren’t interested in the topics, or purposely score poorly as an act of rebellion. 

Smaller class sizes and groups eliminate many factors that lead to this. Students get more individual attention, so they aren’t left behind academically while enrolled. 

If a student isn’t challenged, personalized curriculums are possible for gifted students. Learning to embrace a love for specific courses can be a significant change. 

Technology Dependent

Technology has been a huge asset in this generation, from connecting with family through social media, to helping businesses grow. However, students addicted to their smartphones or video gaming systems can have a lot of struggles that bleed into other parts of their life. 

If there is ever a place to unplug, wilderness therapy is the perfect opportunity. This is where nature and the natural endorphins can provide a start to a healthy lifestyle that promotes peace and understanding. 

Total immersion in the mountainous region of North Carolina opens up a new world to students who might’ve struggled to get outside in the past years. This encourages exercise, creates new passions, and helps make students more well-rounded. 

How Trails Carolina Provides The Consistency Teens Need

 If a teenager seems like they would benefit from a wilderness therapy program, getting the right one makes a difference. Consistency matters with limited time, as it could be a costly waste of time if the program is not set up correctly. 

Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy has the results to stand up against the competition. While some parents might initially feel indifferent about wilderness therapy programs, the Trails Carolina team has honed their approach over the last decade. 

Using a different approach and personalizing a plan for every student enrolled puts them on the path to success. A lack of consistency likely puts a teenager in a position that isn’t any better than before a wilderness therapy program.

 Reaching out for more information is the best way to feel confident. They have different ways to connect with families, providing valuable information. 

They understand that most parents can’t make it to campus beforehand, so getting questions answered over the phone or through email is the best way to feel confident in the decision. All resources and information is made available on trailscarolina.com.

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