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If you’re looking to transform your old driveway in Melbourne or paving a new one, perhaps you are weighing cost-effective options. It’s likely that you’re trying to take your pick between asphalt and concrete. If you can’t make up your mind, it’s prudent to choose asphalt driveways as their relative benefits are more than their concrete counterparts. If you’re not sure how asphalt driveways are different, here’s a sneak peek to help you make an informed choice.

Natural flexibility

​When opting for asphalt driveways, especially in Melbourne, you no longer need to worry about the potential damage inflicted by large and heavy vehicles pulling into your driveway.  An engineered blend of aggregate mixed into a petroleum-based binder is used to make asphalt. And a robust, properly-laid base is used for placing asphalt on it. This lets it hold up when it’s subjected to heavy loads.

Unlike other more rigid materials like concrete, asphalt drieways are designed to flex, which makes them adjust and get compact with slight settlements. This flexibility makes such pavements less vulnerable to significant cracking, unlike their concrete counterparts. Even when Asphalt Melbourne crack, they don’t suffer long, edge-to-edge fault-lines that are common with concrete driveways.

Fast installation and usability

Depending on the size of your project, an asphalt driveway in Melbourne would usually take just a day or two to be laid. Installation of such a driveway also involves a lot less mess with respect to the noise and disruption. However, when you choose concrete, laying your driveway would usually take almost a week. After this, you’ll need to wait further to allow it to set. In contrast, asphalt driveways will be ready for use almost immediately – in as little as two days after completion, provided the season permits it. But as mentioned before, a concrete driveway can take up to a week or two to set and be ready for use.

Durability and cost-effectiveness

An Asphalt Driveways can last for 30-35 years and need minor, inexpensive repairs. Though concrete driveways too could have a similar lifespan and sometimes, even more, they typically need frequent and expensive repairs. Concrete driveways may even need to be resurfaced much earlier than their asphalt counterparts. Apart from their cost-effective repairs, asphalt driveways in Melbourne are also up to 40-50% cheaper in most cases when you compare the per square foot cost of asphalt vs. concrete.

DIY repairs

If your asphalt driveway gets damaged or worn, you can resurface and reseal it to restore its appearance and even extend its life. Here’s the best part – you can do it on your own without making it visible. Many homeowners in Melbourne even apply a seal coating to their asphalt driveways to protect them against oil leaks and other elements while enhancing their longevity. However, when it comes to DIY concrete repairs, they are typically limited to using patching materials to fill holes and sealing cracks with caulk though such repairs are generally quite noticeable.

All of these advantages make it prudent to invest in an asphalt driveway. But you should hire a reliable and reputed asphalting contractor to lay it the right way to ensure your investment bears fruit in the long run.

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