2 Reason for Hiring a Contractor for Your Roof Leak Repair


You have been living in your new home for many months. Most of the minor projects you considered when you decided to buy have been completed. The walls and ceilings have a new coat of paint. You have purchased the new appliances you desired.

Then, unexpectedly signs of a leaking roof appear. Perhaps there are cracks in the ceiling that weren’t there before you painted. You may even see water dripping from the ceiling directly. Since you have already invested in home improvements, you may be tempted to take on the emergency roof repairs Denver CO yourself. Consider two reasons why it may be better to hire a roofing contractor instead.

1. Professional Expertise

The sources of roof leaks are not always easy to find. Obvious places to look include air or pipe vents that are damaged or cracked. Missing pieces of shingles may point to an area for a leak, as well. However, the source of the water may not be that obvious.

This is where a professional roofer can come in. By conducting a roof inspection, contractors are often able to identify the source of the leak easily. It could be from an area of the roof with flashing, such as the chimney or where a wall meets the roof.

2. Permanent Fix

Even if you have a pretty good idea where the leak is coming from, your solution may be temporary at best. Some homeowners think that a bucket of roof cement and a trowel will solve their leak problems. This may provide a short-term fix, if that. A company experienced in roof repairs will be able to recommend a solution that will last. For instance, if the water is coming from around the chimney, a roofer may propose new metal flashing for the chimney. This could solve the problem indefinitely.

Although the idea of hiring a contractor to fix a leaking roof may appear daunting, the two reasons mentioned may make it a worthwhile pursuit.

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