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When you think of the interiors of your home, you think of plywood. This material is durable, lightweight, versatile, and perfectly suited to all your needs. But homeowners often wonder if their plywood is waterproof or not. Plywood is made up of wood core and panel veneers that are glued alternatively in a cross bonded structure. So, if the plywood isnot treated to resist water and isexposed to water for a long time, it can get damaged and warped. This is why certain precautions need to be taken to waterproof your plywood, especially if you live in warm and humid environments.

There are majorly 3 types of plywood categorized according to their water-resisting capacity—MR grade plywood, BWR plywood and waterproof BWP plywood. Let us explore them:

  • MR Grade Plywood

MR also refers to water resistant plywood. This type of plywood is ideal for your interior spaces as well as office areas and since it is not waterproof, it is specially treated with resins like formaldehyde to resist moisture and humidity. You can use this kind of plywood in areas like the living room,in bedrooms as shelves, tabletops, and closets but avoid keeping it immersed in water for a long period of time or keeping it in areas that are very wet like your bathrooms. Since this plywood is moisture resistant it is best suited for areas that get very little exposure to waterlike your living room or even your dining hall and bedroom.

  • BWR grade plywood

Boiling water-resistant plywood is specially treated with phenolic resins to make it boiling water-resistant. This type of plywood is a decent option for use in coffee tables, dining tables, wall panels, and even shelves. BWR plywood is long-lasting and can withstand heat and moisture making it a decent material for your space.

  • BWP grade plywood

Boiling waterproof ply board is also known as Marine plywood and the quality of the veneers used combined with undiluted resins give it its complete waterproof properties. Being boiling waterproof it can be used in all the wet areas of the house, including your kitchen and bathroom areas as it is impervious to water. Marine plywood is quite costly and undergoes a lot of checks which involves submerging a sample in boiling water for three days and then checking its strength and other properties. It uses the best quality wood for durability and longevity which is why it remains unaffected in damp and wet conditions and does not collect mold, or rot, and is also borer and termite-proof.

To Sum It Up

When you’re looking for the best quality wood as well as affordable plywood price, CenturyPly can provide you with top-quality materials as well as a warranty ranging from 5 years to lifetime on their products. Now that you are aware of the different types of plywood, you can pick the best ones for your home considering your location and the type of functions you need it for. If you require plywood for your bathrooms and kitchens then pick one which is boiling waterproof(BWP) and if you require plywood for your living room and other areas which don’t get a lot of water then MR grade plywood would be ideal.

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