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There’s no limitation of creativity when you intend to decorate your house and make the space look pretty. There are a lot of things that you can make out of waste, which can be used as decor accessories around the house.

Even with the best home interior, these small out-of-waste home designs ideas will contribute immensely towards enhancing the overall beauty of your house. You don’t need to buy raw materials to fuel your creativity! You can just use the waste materials at home, and you can do a lot of things with them.

So, this article is all about helping all of you who are planning on buying a home or have already moved to your dream property.

Here are three brilliant out-of-waste home designs ideas to implement and enhance the property’s aesthetic appeal.

1. Bottle Crafts

Empty wine, whisky, perfume, pickle or other glass bottles are often thrown out after use. But, the brilliant structure of the glass bottles, when blended with an artistic touch, can act as an attention-seeking decor element around your house.

If you are brilliant in glass painting, then now is the time to implement your skills and give an astounding look to empty glass bottles. But, if you are not much into painting skills, you can get decorative papers with attractive prints. You can cut out pieces uniformly and stick them to the surface of glass bottles using glue, especially varnish.

This process is called decoupage! Depending on your style and taste in colours and patterns, you can decide what kind of paper you need for wrapping the bottle.

Beyond that, if you have coloured glass bottles, you can fill them with shells or sand and add the fairy lights to create an amazing effect.

2. Create a Rope Ottoman Using Tire

Ottoman is a standalone piece of furniture which you or your guests can use as a footrest right in front of your chair or couch. People also consider using it as a coffee table or a stool, depending on their preferences.

You must have got brilliant pieces of ottoman furniture and your sofa set. But what if you can create rustic and appealing ottoman furniture to add a vibrant attention spot in your living room? You can do it using a waste tire and a roll of standard rope.

Tires are considered toxic and undergo a complex recycling process. Therefore, you can instead use it to create a rope ottoman. It is one of the best out-of-waste home design ideas you can implement.

You need to get a thick plywood screwed on one end of the used tire. Using a hot glue gun, you must stick the rope all around the tyre, covering the thick ply. After that, you can bring in some cushioning elements, and your ottoman is ready.

3. Jar Pencil/Pen Holders

Mason jars are pretty common in every Indian household today. But, they often get replaced after a while when new designer jars hit the market. So, instead of packing them in a box and throwing them away in the dark store room, you can turn them into attractive pencil or pen holders.

You must buy a paint primer spray for a colouring base over the glass mason jars. Get some acrylic craft paint colours, and get along with your creativity. If it is for kids, you can paint attractive cartoon characters. If not, then your blank canvas demands your creativity!


These are three brilliant out-of-the-waste home designs ideas for you to implement. You will see how it enhances the overall appeal of your property. Adding creative touches alongside the retail decor pieces is quite an elegant blend. If you have something more creative in mind, implement the same, and plan a look for your house per your specific preferences.

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