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Craft lovers are always left out when it comes to telling the difference between removable vinyl and permanent vinyl. However, there are two types of vinyl: heat transfer vinyl, mainly used with fabrics and adhesive vinyl, for customizing mugs and tumblers. It may also include outdoor adhesive vinyl rolls or indoor vinyl.

On the other hand, adhesive vinyl is classified into two – removable and permanent vinyl. However, in this article, we will look at the significant differences that exist between the two.

Removable adhesive vinyl is meant for temporary indoor applications, while permanent adhesive vinyl is purposely meant for outdoor applications. Similarly, removable adhesive vinyl has a matte finish, while permanent vinyl has the most permanent and glossy finish.

Facts about permanent adhesive vinyl

The main reason craft people called this type of vinyl permanent is its sticky feel. Therefore if you plan a permanent clear printing film or application on the wall, glass or window, you will prefer this type. It is durable and will serve you the best. Among oyster facts include:

It is used in the sealing process.

Unlike the non-adhesive vinyl roll, this type of vinyl is mainly used by manufacturers to decorate thumbers, mugs or utensils. However, it is also used in sealing most products containing marketing information.

Making outdoor signs

Traders and business-oriented individuals who want to create long-lasting signs should seek to use permanent vinyl. You can also seek to stain them on walls, glasses, windows or wood signs.

On the oyster hand, have you ever seen wooden signs? If you want to make one for your barnyard, or any outdoor project, seek to use this type of permanent vinyl.

Consequently, the result is different with removable adhesive vinyl. It is temporary and can be peeled off without worry, making its most significant selling point more than the permanent adhesive vinyl.

We recommend that you use the removable adhesive vinyl for indoor purposes only. It is not appropriate to use it for outdoor purp[oses since it reacts upon exposure to rain and extreme heat and hence may peel off anytime.

Advantageously, one can choose to remove and renovate or replace it with another of a different design.

Removable adhesive vinyl is long-lasting and can last up to three years of dispensing on prevailing environmental conditions. For example, in a humid environment, the vinyl may become dumped and peel off easily; similarly, in hot climates, it peels out easily, similar to dusty environments.

Additionally, crafters ask if one can seal removable vinyl. Depending on the project you are working on, you can quickly seal your vinyl from adverse effects as you work on your project. They are friendly and appealing.


So, does the difference between the two types of vinyl rolls create value? Yes. The difference between the two helps you to determine which one you can apply and where. By using guiding factors such as weaknesses or strengths, you will know how to apply and take good care of them.

It is always essential to use vinyl for its proper purpose for maximum results.

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