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If you have been using a basic web hosting service, such as Shared Hosting, up until you reached a point where your website started experiencing frequent downtimes and performance lags, it is time for you to switch to a more reliable hosting service. 

A VPS Hosting Server is a website hosting service where, unlike a Shared Server, your website is hosted on a private server with dedicated resources using virtualization technology. A VPS Hosting Service that can host multiple websites is actually a physical server where each website gets its own virtual server, enhancing performance, uptime, and security. 

With VPS Web Hosting, you get full root access, allowing you to configure your server settings and customize the server per your website’s requirements. However, not every website owner is technically capable of controlling and managing their server. This is when Managed VPS Hosting comes into play. 

What is Managed VPS Server hosting?

In a Managed VPS Hosting environment, your web hosting provider manages and takes care of all backend tasks and activities, such as server maintenance and management, software updation, security patches installation, conducting regular backups, and more.  

It is therefore an ideal web hosting solution for those who need to upgrade their hosting plan from a Shared Hosting service, but do not have the technical expertise and knowledge to configure and manage a server. Managed VPS Hosting provides website owners with a learning curve and takes a major chunk of the task load off their list, allowing them to focus on growing their business and website. 

Advantages of a Managed VPS Hosting Service

Managed Virtual Server Hosting solution offers multiple benefits to website owners. They are discussed below:

  • Increased Reliability 

A VPS Hosting solution renders your website’s virtual server independent of other websites, thus enhancing your website’s performance and reliability. Using a Managed VPS service, your hosting provider optimizes this virtual server to keep your server available and your website running 24/7. Your web hosting provider implements several security measures and performance enhancement techniques to ensure that your website is up and running, resulting in high uptime and availability. 

  • Enhanced Website Performance 

In a VPS Server Hosting environment, each website is hosted on a virtual server with dedicated resources so that the performance of websites is not compromised. Moreover, your hosting provider is well-equipped with the knowledge required to ensure your website’s optimum performance. They regularly monitor and take measures, such as deleting duplicate or unnecessary large files, monitoring for risk mitigation, taking timely updates, and applying security patches for enhanced speed and preventing performance lags and issues. 

  • Better Security 

A Shared Hosting solution comes with compromised security, unlike VPS Server Hosting. Moreover, your web hosting provider takes utmost security measures, updates, installs software updates, and performs periodic security audits and website monitoring to ensure high cybersecurity against potential malware or hackers. 

  • Privileged Customer Support 

The web hosting provider is completely responsible for your website’s management under a Managed VPS Hosting plan. They also offer dedicated and highly accessible 24X7 technical and customer support to help solve customer queries and troubleshoot issues whenever required. 

Summing Up

A Managed VPS Hosting service can be a bit costlier than unmanaged VPS Hosting. But it is an ideal solution for those with limited or zero technical knowledge and expertise and wish to scale up their website and reach potential growth. Therefore, always buy a VPS Hosting solution or a Linux VPS Server, instead of Shared Hosting if your website needs enhanced performance, higher reliability, and exclusive resources at affordable prices.

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