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Having an online or digital presence is very important today. Many small businesses and companies are taking their businesses online to reach more customers. However, the pressure of building a professional website and the required monetary resources for the same can make one feel that it is not easy to build a website.

Web design is a complex and complicated process, and many small businesses quit the idea of building a website just by getting overwhelmed with the thought of learning the complex web design process.

Luckily, there are solutions for small businesses to build a website with ease, without compromising on the quality or performance. One solution is using a website builder available with web hosting plans without the need to learn complex coding or web design. Many small businesses start with affordable web hosting services, especially Linux Hosting plans like Linux Shared Hosting. And, most leading hosting providers offer a free website builder with their plans.

What is a website builder? 

A website builder is a SaaS (Software as a service) software that comprises all-in-one website building solutions for users and companies with no technical expertise, experience, or skills.

It comes with several templates, themes, and other enhanced functionalities, letting users integrate and develop exclusive features or even letting them edit the source code themselves.

With the evolving technology, the software introduced new AI-driven and other features that let users create and build a website in just a few minutes.

Here are some of the pros of a website builder:

  • Lets you build a professional website in minutes
  • Comes with an all-in-one solution
  • Comes with reliable and responsive templates
  • Allows a third-party service integration, making it highly flexible
  • Provides intuitive editing

How to choose the right website builder?

Here are the following factors you must consider while choosing the right website builder for your business:

1.  Ease of use

The number one factor to consider is to determine if your website builder is user friendly. Today, most website builders come with the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) concept that offers drag-and-drop technology and intuitive design. However, you must also check for some additional features such as inline editing, preview mode, and if it is easy to manage or connect to a domain, general settings, etc. The website builder shouldn’t be just easy to use but also easy to connect.

2.  Plugins, add-ons, or widgets

The website builder you choose should consist of ample plugins for tagging, SEO, social media integration, and other collaboration. You must also check if the website builder has an app store, through which you can get several widgets to customize your web page.

3.  Cost

The more complex you need your website to be, the more features you will require, and the more will be the total cost. Hence, you must pay attention to the initial cost of the plan. However, many trusted website builders offer discounts, yearly offers, and special deals, letting you save the price.

4.  Free trial

Choosing a website builder is a commitment. Once you select a website builder, you have to stick to it. Therefore, you must check all the functionalities and features that meet your business requirements through a free trial.

5.  Customer support

Choose a website builder that comes with active and dedicated customer support. You may also check out the video tutorials, help centre or call the customer care number to check how promptly they respond to your call.

Summing Up

Website builders are ideal solutions for small businesses to help them build their websites. The right website builder must check all the boxes of a reliable Linux web hosting plan. These website builders are cheaper, faster and easier compared to other CMS technologies. Choose your website builder plan today and build your website in a few minutes. And, then, make sure to choose a reliable web hosting plan for your website.

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