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What is the full form of the ULIP? What is the working of the ULIP? Have your answers to such questions? If you have, then you already have valuable information about ULIP. If you have not known about it, then take a step toward the facts of this article. This article covers all the details related to the ULIP and the guide to choosing the best ULIP to take to you. Let’s start with the ULIP basics and then move to the guide for better understanding.

What do you mean by the ULIP?

The full form of the ULIP- Unit-linked insurance plan. The insurance plan provides the dual benefits of investment to fulfill the long-term financial goals and the protection cover for your family when some unfortunate events occur. Under the ULIP, the premium paid towards the policy is divided into two sections.

The first section contributes to life coverage, whereas the second contributes to the investment in the funds of your choice. You can select to invest in equity, debt, or a combination of both funds according to the risk appetite and goals.

These features make ULIP the best investment option for you and your family if you want to ensure your financial goals.

How to choose the best ULIP plans?

As we know, the ULIP is a combination of investment and insurance instruments. Therefore, before investing in the ULIP, you need to keep some important things In your mind.

Know the features

You have to know about the features such as life cover option, switch funds option, tenure policy offer, partially withdraw funds options, and top-up options to invest; these features are provided only by the ULIP. First, you should check these features and choose the best Wealth insurance that meets your requirements.

Evaluate your goals

It is suggested to set the goals such as beginning the venture, buying the house, educating your child, and many more. Evaluating the gaols will help you to calculate the amount that you will require to achieve them.

Know the ULIP charges:

Various types of charges are available under the ULIP policy, and these charges are such as administration charges, fund management charges, or the other plan or funds charges associated with it. Therefore, you need to understand the different types of ULIP charges to choose the best plan for you.

Check the tax benefits.

The ULIP premium paid permits for the deduction under the section of the income act. You should check the tax benefits available to you and then select the best ULIP plan based on the tax benefits.


This article provides information about the ULIP plan, ULIP charges, and the tax benefits under this policy. You get the easy way to make the selection of the best ULIP policy.

Hope the information is successfully delivered to you. Drop your suggestions in the comments section.

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