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With shaadi season comes a nerve-racking phase where you anxiously go through multiple websites surfing all day long for ethnic wear like kurtas, palazzos, lehengas, etc. You go from shop to shop looking for the perfect outfit that would make you look like an absolute goddess and steal all the attention from the bride and groom. But the process is a total bummer.

What if we tell you that you can style your sarees and so many different ways that would make you look just as beautiful. Considering how versatile sarees are, you can easily curate gorgeous outfits out of them and not only that, you will also be saving up A LOT! How cool is that? We bring you the perfect guide to help you boost your creativity with sarees by draping them in various ways.

    1. Neck drape style: It’s pretty straight, you just have to wrap up your pallu around your neck and violà! There you have it. A simple yet super fashionable look. You would need a pallu of the longer length to achieve the perfect look in this style, you can also experiment with scarfs.
    2. Dhoti style: An absolute desi style is what it is and yet manages to look upbeat and stylish. It might look a bit complicated to drape, but once you try it out it is pretty simple as the others. Instead of a petticoat, you have to wear a pair of leggings to drape the saree. You can follow a YouTube tutorial on how to drape your saree in dhoti style to perfect the look.
    3. Belt style: This style might not seem like it’s doing too much but trust us, it will be the showstopper of your ensemble. All you have to do is drape your saree the usual way and add a belt to the outfit. That’s all! It looks extremely eye-catching and stylish and not only that, but it also clinches at your waist, thus defining it even better.
    4. Pant style: This style is an absolute rendition of comfort. You just put on your pants like always and drape your saree around it. See? Easy-peasy lemon squeezy! The style looks very high-end and chic at the same time and also shows off your creativity. You can also combine this style along with the belt style to increase the style quotient even higher.
    5. Lehenga style: With this style, you no longer need to buy a lehenga. Well, that’s going to make your wallet pretty happy. Although there is a lot of pleating involved to achieve this style, it is pretty simple and gives a whole different look, like you are wearing an actual lehenga!
    6. Retro style: Wanna add a little retro vibe to your best friend’s wedding? Then this is a perfect way to go! The layering of the saree is what gives off the old and nostalgic feel. You can follow a video tutorial on it to master the art of layering.
  1. Front pallu style: This is one of the easiest styles. The only thing you have to do is to carry the pallu on your right shoulder from the back and that’s all. You can choose to pleat it or leave it as it is, it looks stunning either way.

That’s it, this is THE ultimate guide to help you master the art of draping a saree. And draping a saree is an art indeed. Be sure to try out at least one of them or all of them the next time you’re attending a wedding ceremony and we bet you’re going to come back wanting for more.

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